Aylin C. Küntay, Prof. Dr.
Principal Investigator

Her research focuses on the relationship between nonverbal communication and language in babies, language comprehension and storytelling skills in preschoolers, and the interaction between cognitive skills (such as memory and attention) and language.

Website:  http://www.aylinkuntay.com



Deniz Özkan Göktürk
PhD candidate

Deniz is mainly interested in language processing and how it interacts with other cognitive processes. Her research interests incorporate investigation of linguistic and cognitive processes that explain variation in language and cognitive skills, such as predicitve processing, working memory, and mathematics.




Süleyman S. Taşçı
PhD candidate

Süleyman is working on iconicity in speech and gesture development, iconicity effects in sign language processing, and development of narrative skills in Deaf signer children.




Sura Ertaş
PhD student

Sura is interested in cognitive development. Especially, the subjects that excite her the most are interactions of young children with robots, how these interactions differ their interactions with humans, and how children communicate with robots.






Çiğdem İrem İleri
PhD student

Çiğdem is interested in the effects of entertainment products (toys, picture books, cartoons) on the cognitive development of children.







Photo of Hande SodacıHande Sodacı
PhD student

Hande has diverse research interests including socio-cognitive aspects of humor, human-robot interactions, and the use of computational methods in social science research when relevant. In her latest project, she examines the role of robot’s humor in humans’ attitudes toward robots.






Fatma Ece Özkan
M.A. student

Ece is currently interested in reasoning, causal inference, belief revision, and argumentation skills of children, along with their probabilistic judgments and epistemic preferences.





Melisa Yavuz
M.A. student

Melisa is mainly interested in the development of social categories in children and how language affects their development. Language acquisition, development and comprehension especially in bilingual children is her other research areas of interest.






Dilara Keşşafoğlu
M.A. student

Dilara is interested in children’s cognitive development (particularly language, attention and self-regulation) in the context of media devices.