About Us

As the Language and Communication Development Lab, we study the development of communication, speaking, and comprehension skills of infants and preschoolers.

How does the nonverbal behavior of 8-12-month-old infants affect the emergence of their first words? How does the sentence comprehension processes of children differ from of adults? Does language development in early childhood change the learning rate and effects of children’s learning of reading and writing? What are the environmental factors that support language and communication? To answer such questions, we study children’s social and cognitive skills along with the social interactions that they experience. We directly work with children while we also collect data from parents about children’s language skills and observe children’s interactions in semi-naturalistic settings.

If you would like to participate to our studies with your child and have a fun, informative time in our lab, you can contact us through cocukgelisim@ku.edu.tr and 0212-3381892. You can also fill in the form on our website to be registered in our database for future studies.